Thursday, January 31, 2013

Biomega Detangling Brush

I know I havn't posted in about a week I believe, we are in the process of moving so I've been so busy! But I have been wanting to do a review of my new favorite brush, the biomega detangling brush! I absolutely love it! I have always had problems with tangled hair and especially anyone out there with little girls, you know it can be a struggle sometimes to brush their hair. When I was little I had long hair, I loved it, but I hated brushing it and I would ALWAYS get knots underneath near the back of my neck. I would hide them as much as I could until my mom noticed and they would be so bad she would have to cut them out lol. I got this brush free with a shampoo/conditoner package from Cosmoprof, I read all the "DETANGLES! NO PULLING" and of course did not believe one bit of it but it was free so of course I wanted to try it. I took a shower, put some of my kenra conditioning spray in and BOOM! that brush just glided through! No pulling, no struggle to brush through everthing, just went through my hair like it had nothing in its way! I highly recommend this brush for everyone, less damaging and less hairloss! So glad I got it! =)
I could only find it sold in the package with the shampoo/conditioner, which I got it discounted for around $11 but without the discount I believe its around $25.


  1. Thanks for sharing and give the review. I used paddle brush myself, and if I use any kind of brush I think I will loose or damage my hair :D

    I'm following your blog right now. mind if you follow back?
    that would mean the world to me.


    1. Thank you! Of course I will! =) Can't wait to catch up on your blog!


  2. Thank you for the review. At least it's also a pretty looking brush, there's nothing worse than ugly products.

    Lindsey. x